ATIA 2021 Speaker Resource Center

Thank you for your commitment to speak at ATIA 2021: AT Connected! Continue reading for resources to help make your presentation the best it can be.

Speaker Training Webinar

In November, we hosted a speaker training webinar with Robb Carr, Advisor for Mainstream & Web Accessible Technologies (MWAT). Watch the recording to learn how to create handouts and an engaging presentation for a virtual audience. We strongly encourage you to view this webinar!

Watch Speaker Training Webinar

ATIA 2021 Speaker PowerPoint

Download the official ATIA 2021 PowerPoint Template to build your presentation. Included in the PowerPoint are required slides for CEU qualifications.

Each speaker (recorded or live) is required to note the following in the presentation:  Session Title, Speaker Names, Speaker Disclosures, Session Content Disclosures, Learning Objectives, Session Feedback and CEU processes. All of this information is in the slide template as provided. You may use another presentation format or a different template so long as the critical information is included in the presentation materials.

Download PowerPoint Template

Speaker Handout Submission

Please use this form to submit your presentation and any additional handouts. All handouts must be in PDF format and accessible.

Handout Submission Form

Useful Tips to Make Your Presentation Effective

Download these resources to help make your ATIA 2021 session effective and engaging.

If you have any questions about presenting or your presentation, please contact the ATIA Education Team.

*Updated on November 17, 2020