ATIA Maker Day 2.0

AT Makers ImageATIA Maker Day 2.0 will take place on Saturday, February 2 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Exhibit Hall. This year, AT makers join forces to share everything from low-tech solutions to modified technology solutions, and explore a wide range of creations that have helped solve challenges in the AT community.

Participating exhibitors will be announced before ATIA 2019. 

What is ATIA Maker Day 2.0? ATIA Maker Day 2.0 is an opportunity to explore exciting innovations and learn from the AT maker community. It is open to all registered attendees and those holding free exhibit hall passes.
Who are makers? The maker community is comprised of people – high school STEM and robotics students, hobbyists and DIY electronics enthusiasts – who are interested in using their skills to create and make solutions for people with disabilities. These are not always experts in AT, but they have a myriad of interests and just simple like to solve problems and make things.


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A Lot Takes Place at ATIA Maker Day 2.0

AT Makers At Work ImageJoin us for your opportunity to:

  • Explore Solutions from AT Makers – Maker groups from around the country will demo their AT solutions and products. Check out the following AT creations at ATIA Maker Day, such as:
    • 12V Car Adaptations
    • Adapted Christmas Toy Drive
    • 3D Printed Adapters and Switches
    • Home Automation Solutions
    • Low-Cost Eye Gaze Solutions
  • Participate in Hands-On Maker Training – Learn the following maker skills in trainings taking place at ATIA Maker Day:
    • Soldering & Electronics
    • Adapting Toys (without battery interrupters)
    • 3D Printing AT tools (Mounting solutions, etc.)
    • DIY/Low Cost Mounting Solutions
    • Live Go-Baby-Go Adaptation 12V
    • Modern Making Materials (Sugru, InstaMorph, E6000, Conductive Paint)
  • Bring Your Challenges to AT Makers – Come discuss your challenges AT makers and leverage the knowledge and skills of those makers to potentially create solutions. Hear their experiences and insights on challenges they have faced and worked to solve.

Check out our participating exhibitors:


AbleRacers: DIY Seating and Switch Placement for Ride-on Toy Cars
Booth APS6
Strands: Visual Impairment, Cognitive/Learning, Mainstream Technology
We will be showing how to further customize the AbleRacers adapted ride-on toy cars for switch placement and seating support.

APP2Speak: Conversation and Connections at Your Fingertips
Booth 921
Strand: Communication (AAC)
Engage in conversation with a demonstration of APP2Speak on Apple iPad and Android tablets. Get first-hand experience for this easy-to-use, easily integrated and fully customizable software application for the speech impaired.

Boardmaker: Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) Custom Apron 
Booth 501
Strands: Visual Impairment, Cognitive/Learning, Communication (AAC)
Looking for an interactive way to present your lessons while offering symbol support to your students? Join us to create a PCS custom apron that can be used in the classroom, during therapy, or even at home. Grab an apron and choose up to 10 functional PCS symbols. Use the provided Velcro to attach symbols to the apron and start communicating!

LoganTech: 3D PrintedTactiles plus ProxTalker and ProxPad 
Booth 605
Strands: Visual Impairment, Communication (AAC)
Using 3-D printed tactile symbols and RFID to help blind, nonverbal people communicate using LoganTech ProxTalker and ProxPAD.

Microsoft: MSFTEnable Xbox Adaptive Controller
Booth 201
Strand: Mainstream Technology
We will be looking at how the Xbox Adaptive Controller can power unique gaming controller rigs, enabling people with limited mobility to level up their gaming.

Makers Making Change (Neil Squire Society): Soldering Fun
Booth 422
Strand: Mainstream Technology
Learn to solder! By soldering you can build simple to complex projects. We’ll focus on this to build a simple battery interrupt, learn how to make switch jacks, and do one joint on a larger collaborative soldering project.

Project Vive: DIY Switch Boxes for Tablet Control and DIY Mounting 
Booth 805
Strands: Communication (AAC), Mainstream Technology
We will be showing how to make a low cost switch box to control a tablet using a switch. Includes 3D printing and Electronics Assembly. We also will be showing how to make robust mounts that are 1/5 of the cost of commercially available mounts using DIY materials and Project Vive donut joints.

Saltillo and Prentke Romich Company (PRC): Mad Pig Races and Alexa Skills
Booth 512
Strand: Communication (AAC)
Devices will control IR toys and Alexa. Students can participate in a Mad Pig Race.

Westminster Technologies: Create Learning Opportunities with Recordable RFID Tags 
Booth 200
Strands: Visual Impairment, Cognitive/Learning, Communication (AAC)
Join us to learn how to create an infinite number of customizable learning opportunities using RFID tags. Adapt books and worksheets, personalized and simple yet powerful communication opportunities – from 3D objects to picture identification and choice boards.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Adults must be registered and will receive a badge to enter the Exhibit Hall. Registration can be in advance online or onsite.
  • Families with children under 16 do not need to register children.
  • Children will be allowed into the Exhibit Hall when accompanied by an adult with a badge.

Check out these videos of AT creations:


Join the Maker Movement

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