Present at ATIA 2022

At ATIA 2022, speakers will share new insights, the latest research, and innovative approaches over four days in the largest gathering of the national and international assistive technology community.

As a valuable member of the community, we encourage you and your teams to consider presenting at ATIA 2022 and sharing what you know! At ATIA 2022, we are eager for you to share your experiences from the past year with online and virtual learning, and other topics related to how you are addressing learning loss/recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our call for presentations is opening soon. Please start putting your session proposal ideas together. Check back soon for more information about speaking at ATIA 2022.

A female speaker is standing at the front of a room speaking to 5 rows of attendees, who are sitting at long white tables and taking notes on laptops, tablets and on paper.

An ATIA 2020 speaker presents her session to a group. Each year, the ATIA education program is made up of passionate and knowledgeable speakers.