The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) is pleased to announce the Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits Journal (ATOB) Vol 11 Issue 1 is now available. 

This focused issue titled Maximizing the Benefits of Evolving Assistive Technology Solutions  advances our vision for ATOB to be an effective tool for knowledge transfer, tracking trends, and highlighting new information on the outcomes and benefits of assistive technology (AT) for persons with disabilities. The theme was chosen following the Editorial Board’s annual review of the ATIA Conference’s research strand. We noticed that any of the 2016 conference sessions were focused on ways that mainstream technologies, such as tablets and smartphones, can be used both in place of and as complements to AT devices. At the same time, there were a number of sessions exploring new developments related to dedicated AT devices.

As a result, this issue considers a full range of promising technology solutions employed by and for people with disabilities. Read on for details of the six articles featured here. These six articles include perspectives from each of the three voices represented in ATOB- academia, the field, and industry. You can learn more about the contents through an Introduction to ATOB Volume 11, by Jennifer L. Flagg, ATOB Editor-in-Chief, and Carolyn P. Phillips, ATOB Associate Editor, or click on the links below to access individual articles.

Download ATOB Volume 11 Issue 1 (PDF) or download individual articles below.  Download ATOB Volume 11 Issue 1 (DOCX).

1) Voices from Academia-

Author: Darren Gabbart

Authors: Karen Erickson, Lori Geist & Penelope Hatch

2) Voices from Industry-

Authors: Pamela J. Mims, Carol Stanger, Robert Pennington, Wendee White, Julie Sears & Nancy Strickler

Authors: Richard D. Steele, Lisa Haynes & Leland Wheeler

3) Voices from the Field-

Author: Chris Klein

Authors: Diane Nelson Bryen, Juan Bornman, John Morris, Enid Moolman & F. Mark Sweatman

The authors and ATOB Editorial Board hope that you find these articles useful for your work and advocacy efforts. Many thanks to our ATOB Volume 11 Reviewers – we appreciate your hard work and dedication.

To contact ATOB with comments on this issue or about plans for future issues, please email or the ATOB Editor-in-Chief, Jennifer Flagg, at . We welcome your feedback.