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ATOB Updates

Volume 13 Call for Papers – Submissions are now closed

The ATOB Editorial Board along with Guest Editor Editor Kathleen M. Murphy, PhD, Principal Researcher with American Institutes for Research, invite papers for the upcoming Volume 13, focused on ‘The Role of Research in Influencing Assistive Technology Products, Policy, and Practice.’  Manuscripts will be peer reviewed for an anticipated publication date in early 2019.

Interested parties are encouraged to review ATOB’s Editorial Policy and Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Authors to learn more about the publication.

Questions or interested in an extension to submit? Contact the ATOB Editor-in-Chief at

Volume 12 ‘Implementing AT in Practice: New Technologies and Techniques’ currently in production.

The ATOB Editorial Board thanks authors who submitted manuscripts for the upcoming Volume 12, focused on ‘Implementing AT in Practice: New Technologies and Techniques.’  Manuscripts are currently in the peer review and layout stage for an anticipated publication date in Summer 2018.

New Publication! Volume 11 is available

New Publication! Volume 11 ‘Maximizing the Benefits of Evolving Assistive Technology Solutions’ is now available for free download. Download options include complete PDF and WORD DOCX versions and individual articles.  More details and downloads at: ATOB Volume 11

Archived Issues

2016: Vol. 10, Issue 1, “Assistive Technology Outcomes: Meeting the Evidence Challenge”
Editor-in-Chief: Jennifer L. Flagg, Center on KT4TT, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Associate Editor: Carolyn P. Phillips, Georgia Institute of Technology

Table of Contents with individual article downloads
Download Summer 2016, Vol. 10, Issue 1 PDF

2015:  Vol. 9, Issue 1, Focused Issue: “Knowledge Translation and Technology Transfer in Assistive Technology”
Editor: Joseph P. Lane, MBPA, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Download Winter 2015, Vol.9, Issue 1 PDF
Download Winter 2015, Vol.9, Issue 1 WORD document

2012: Vol. 8, Issue 1, Focused Issue: “The Role of Higher Education in Preparing Education Professionals to Use Assistive Technology”

Download Vol.8, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.8, Issue 1 WORD document

2011: Vol. 7, Issue 1

Download Vol.7, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.7, Issue 1 WORD document

2010: Vol. 6, Issue 1, Focused Issue: “State of the Science for Technology Transfer”

Download Vol.6, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.6, Issue 1 WORD document

2010: Vol. 6, Issue 2, Focused Issue: “Assistive Technology and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Research-Based Practice & Innovation in the Field” (available only in print from Lulu for $49.95)

2008:  Fall Special Issue: “Delivering on the ‘D’ in R&D: Recommendations for Increasing Transfer Outcomes from Developmental Projects”

Author: Joseph P. Lane, Center for Assistive Technology, University of Buffalo

Special Issue Editor: Howard P. Parette, Special Education Assistive Technology Center, Illinois State University

Download 2008 Fall Special Issue PDF

2008: Vol. 5, Issue 1

Download Vol.5, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.5, Issue 1 WORD document

2007: Vol. 4, Issue 1

Download Vol.4, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.4, Issue 1 WORD document

2006: Vol. 3, Issue 1

Download Vol.3, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.3, Issue 1 WORD document

2005: Vol. 2, Issue 1

Download Vol.2, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.2, Issue 1 WORD document

2004: Vol. 1, Issue 1

Download Vol.1, Issue 1 PDF
Download Vol.1, Issue 1 WORD document

Open Access Policy

All articles published in ATOB are made freely available online immediately upon publication, without fees or registration requirements.

ATOB Editorial Board


Jennifer L. Flagg, Co-Principal Investigator, Center on Knowledge Translation for Technology Transfer
University at Buffalo


Associate Editors

Kate Herndon, Director of Educational Product Research
American Printing House for the Blind

Carolyn P. Phillips, Director, Tools for Life
Georgia Assistive Technology Act Program

Production Managers

Victoria A. Holder, Outreach Specialist, Tools for Life, Georgia Institute of Technology

Elizabeth A. Persaud, Training and Outreach Coordinator, Tools for Life, Georgia Institute of Technology

Caroline Van Howe, Chief Operating Officer, ATIA

Editorial Board Members

David Banes, Managing Director
David Banes Access and Inclusion Services

Russell T. Cross, Director of Clinical Operations
Prentke Romich Company

Anya Evmenova, Assistant Professor, Assistive and Special Education Technology
George Mason University

Lori Geist, Research Associate/Project Director, Center for Literacy & Disability Studies
UNC Chapel Hill

William E. Janes, Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy
University of Missouri

Beth Poss, Administrator
Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland

Ben Satterfield, Research Consultant, Center for AT Excellence
GA Tools for Life at Georgia Institute of Technology

Judith Schoonover, Occupational Therapist and Assistive Technology Specialist
Loudoun County District Public Schools, Virginia.  AOTA Fellow.

Joy Zabala
Co-Director, National Center on Accessible Educational Materials (AEM Center)
Director of Technical Assistance, CAST

ATOB History

2004–2012: Published in partnership with the Special Education Assistive Technology (SEAT) Center at Illinois State University under the editorial leadership of Howard P. Parette, PhD..

2015: ATIA published Vol. 9, Issue 1, Focused Issue: Knowledge Translation and Technology Transfer in Assistive Technology, under the editorial leadership of Joseph P. Lane, MBPA, University at Buffalo (SUNY) and Brian Wojcik, PhD, University of Nebraska, Kearney.

2016: ATIA published Vol. 10, Issue 1, Assistive Technology Outcomes: Meeting the Evidence Challenge, under the editorial leadership of  Editor-in-Chief,  Jennifer L. Flagg, University at Buffalo (SUNY) and Associate Editor, Carolyn P. Phillips, Georgia Institute of Technology.

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