ATIA Member Webinar Sponsorships

The ATIA Webinar program, now in its 5th year, provides high quality online assistive technology professional development to 2,000+ attendees annually. The webinar directory offers over 80 webinars presented by leading AT practitioners and experts. There are over annual webinar subscribers including individuals, school districts, statewide organizations and national agencies. ATIA webinars are for-fee with captioning and include complimentary CEUs.

Webinar Attendees include AT specialists, educators, OTs, PTs, SLPs and consumers. Annual Webinar Subscribers include individuals, school districts, statewide organizations and national agencies.


ATIA members are able to participate in the ATIA Webinar 2016 Series and take advantage of this valuable ATIA professional development program to reach new customers.

Sponsorship benefits include:

  • 60 minute webinar. Submissions should follow the ATIA Webinar Series submission guidelines and quality criteria.
  • Adobe Connect webinar platform – captioning is provided.
  • ATIA management of webinar submission, marketing, presenter orientation, hosting, moderator and registration process.
  • ATIA Member Webinars are included in online Webinar Directory and registration system.
  • ATIA Member Webinars will be included in bi-weekly promotional emails to 18,000 base.
  • Sponsors receive registration list of webinar attendees.
  • Webinar will be recorded for inclusion in Archived Recordings directory.
  • No fee for webinar participants.
  • ATIA Member Webinars are not eligible for CEUs.
  • Sponsorship Fees:
  • 200 Registration Level
  • $750 for one ATIA Member Webinar 60 minute webinar.¬† Covers up to 200 registrations for Live Broadcast and unlimited registrations for the Archived Recording.*
  • 10% discount on additional webinars up to 2 additional sessions. Additional series of 1-3 may be purchased separately.

* Optional increases above the 200 registration limit is available upon request. Please note this is comment section.


ATIA Member Sponsored Webinar Payment Form

ATIA members may sponsor an individual webinar or a series of 3 webinars at a time. Each webinar may have up to 200 registrations for the live broadcast and unlimited number of archive views.
  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Price: $750.00
    First webinar sponsored for 200 total registrations
  • Price: $675.00 Quantity:
    Enter the number of additional webinars you would like to purchase.
  • $0.00
  • American Express
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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