ATIA 2024 Conference, January 25-27, Orlando World Center Marriott + Virtual

The 2024 Prentke Lecture Recipient: Karanveer Singh

Finding Your Passion
Friday, January 26, 2024 |  11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

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Congratulations to the 2024 Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecturer, Karanveer Singh! Join Karanveer and ATIA for his presentation, Finding Your Passion, during the ATIA 2024 Conference. This presentation will also be live streamed for free as part of the ATIA 2024 Virtual Event.

Karanveer will share his journey which will demonstrate his passion, insights, and humor living with with cerebral palsy. Karanveer uses AAC with eye gaze to communicate with the world. Learn how AAC and assistive technology have helped him access his passions of writing, video editing, and public speaking.

Join us and celebrate Karanveer’s success in Orlando or virtually!

About Karanveer Singh

Karanveer Singh headshotKaranveer is a charismatic young man living with cerebral palsy who communicates primarily with a dynamic eye gaze communication system. He has a positive outlook on life, works hard toward his goals, demonstrates incredible patience, and loves to laugh.

He is a college student and business owner who enjoys sharing how assistive technology has helped him overcome his disability to participate in his family life, school, and community. His goals are to be successful as a professional movie editor and help other people with disabilities. He has edited more than 75 videos for various businesses and organizations. His business, Handsomejatt Consulting Services, includes contracts for film editing, speaking, and consulting for local school districts and other professional organizations in Washington. He has presented as a keynote speaker, facilitated webinars, and engaged many audiences with his interactive Q&A sessions. His recent keynote speaker experiences include presenting a 45-minute webinar to Michigan’s AAC Talk Conference, and as a keynote at the AACcessible Early Starts Conference. For the AACcessible Early Starts Conference, he also edited a 5 minute video called, “Celebrating All Voices” which was published on its website. Another impactful speaker experience was to a group of SLP’s at the Northwest Augmentative and Alternative Communication Society (NWAACS) in Washington State alongside Gail Tatenhove.

His main business focus has been working for the Special Education Technology Center (SETC) at Central Washington University. He has been the talk show host for a monthly series, AAC Talk: Communicating with the World, with 21 live webinar episodes. He has also presented one-hour webinars on topics such as People with Disabilities Can Do Anything, Unique Perspectives Change the World, and Finding Your Passion. These webinars have led to other exciting opportunities such as presenting to the National Council of Chief State School Officers group on My Journey with Accessible Education. Karanveer has also assisted with consult sessions for SETC with individual students and their school teams.

Karanveer also edits professional videos for SETC, music groups, AAC organizations, Highline College, and private organizations. He uses eye gaze and Glassouse Head mouse to create and edit videos. His favorite photo and video editing programs are PhotoShop, Adobe Premier, and DaVinci Resolve. Karanveer has the focus, skills, and persistence to sustain computer work for up to four hours at a time!

Karanveer enjoys speaking to students at the K–12 and university level. He has spoken to classrooms and staff in the Bellevue School district, a large IT staff in the Kent School District, speech therapy students at Western Washington University, and to educators at Seattle University. One of his memorable presentations was for Smooth Talkers, a community group of AAC users. His favorite part is always answering spontaneous questions and getting to know his audience.

Karanveer will capture your heart and inspire you as he shares how assistive technology has changed his life and helped him communicate with the world.

About the Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture

The 27th Annual Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture will be presented at the ATIA 2024 Conference in Orlando. ATIA is honored to host this exciting presentation by a person who communicates using an AAC device.

The Edwin and Esther Prentke Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Distinguished Lecture was initiated in 1997 to honor the life and work of the late Edwin and Esther Prentke.

The Prentkes dedicated their lives to developing technologies that liberate the lives of people with disabilities. The lecture is delivered by a person who uses augmentative and alternative communication (PWUAAC) to communicate. The lecture is followed by a time of interaction with the audience, allowing the audience to ask questions and interact with a PWUAAC.

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