Expand Your AT Knowledge, Access and Community at
ATIA 2024

Practitioners and parents, teachers and researchers, manufacturers and distributors—individuals and organizations who together reach more than 1 million people with disabilities—all come to the ATIA Conference to:

  • Increase awareness and build knowledge on how to best implement and access assistive technology
  • Network with colleagues, customers, and the community
  • Learn about the latest trends, tools, and best practices (and gain CEUs along the way)
  • Share their insights to enhance opportunities for persons with disabilities

The ATIA Conference addresses all disabilities and all types of assistive technology for all ages, from early childhood to seniors. Content focuses on vision and hearing technologies, communication technologies, and technologies to access your world or succeed in educational or workplace settings. Join us for ATIA 2024 to learn how technology can impact the lives of persons with disabilities.

Lively audience sits in chairs at ATIA 2023 and laughs at what the speaker says.

ATIA attendees come to Orlando each year to share their collective experiences and learn from industry-leading education sessions and assistive technology companies.