ATOB Call for Manuscripts:  April 1 – July 1, 2019

The ATOB Volume 14 Call for Manuscripts opened on April 1, 2019 and closes on July 1, 2019.

Volume 14 Theme: AT for Literacy

Literacy is multidimensional. Assistive technology can be used to improve individual’s outcomes in traditional literacy instruction focused on reading and writing. Literacy also goes beyond reading and writing academic text. It is an important component in learning how to effectively use AAC devices. It allows one to express novel ideas on any topic through the use of 26 powerful symbols. Literacy is used in social stories for people with autism. Nowadays, the term literacy also includes “digital literacy.” That reinforces the use of technology to produce work across subject areas, effectively collaborate and communicate. Literacy, including digital literacy, is often a requirement for employment and independent living. This volume of ATOB invites authors to submit articles that showcase the use of assistive technology for improving literacy outcomes and benefits. Articles may focus on any target population (e.g., young kids, students, post secondary students and adults, individuals with various abilities and needs) for numerous purposes (e.g., learning, communication, social interactions, employment, independent living) Authors submitting articles to this issue are required to draw conclusions about how technology can support any dimension of literacy for individuals with disabilities.

This issue also includes articles from the broad scope of assistive technology research as part of ATOB’s mission to bring together the latest research in assistive technology in its annual issue.

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ATOB Manuscript Submission Form & Author Agreement

ATOB Manuscript Submission Form & Author Agreement
  • 1) Please provide the details of the lead author for this manuscript submission. A full list of authors should be included in the manuscript itself and the Author Agreements. Email communications about the manuscript will be with the lead author.
  • Articles may be submitted under three categories—
    • Voices from the Field - Articles submitted under this category should come from professionals who are involved in some aspect of AT service delivery with persons having disabilities, or from family members and/or consumers with disabilities. Submissions may include case studies, project or program descriptions, approaches to service delivery, or consumer perspective pieces. All submissions should have a clear message and be written with enough detail to allow replication of results.
    • Voices from the Industry - Articles submitted under this category should come from professionals involved in developing and marketing specific AT devices and services. Case studies, design, marketing research, or project/ program descriptions are appropriate for this category.
    • Voices from Academia - Articles submitted under this category should come from professionals conducting research or development in an academic setting. Submissions are likely to include applied/ clinical research, case studies, and project/ program descriptions.
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    Author Confirmation
    Please read each bullet below thoroughly, and complete the required questions regarding HIPAA compliance, IRB compliance, and disclosure of financial and non-financial relationships. By completing and submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms listed for ATOB authors.
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    • I attest that I am the author/owner and I am authorized to use the content included in the manuscript, and that ATIA is not liable for any content presented or misused on my part.
  • To comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we ask that all authors ensure the privacy of their patients/clients by refraining from using names, photographs, or other patient/client identifiers in manuscripts without the patient’s/client’s knowledge and written authorization. I am in compliance with these policies:
  • To ensure that appropriate protections are afforded to participants in research studies, ATOB requires a copy of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for all manuscripts describing studies that are subjected to such requirements. Please indicate if IRB approval was needed for the work described in the manuscript.
  • Conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived, have the potential to undermine the credibility of communications between stakeholders in all fields of study. In order to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are transparent to ATOB’s readership, all corresponding authors must respond to the following questions on behalf of all authors named on the relevant manuscript. Information will be included in the ATOB journal, such that it is available to all readers.
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