ATOB is seeking subject matter experts from diverse backgrounds to be peer reviewers.

The ATOB Review Process is outlined below:

  • All manuscripts are initially reviewed by two individuals.

–One or both reviewers may be asked to reconsider a revised  manuscript.

  • Reviews are focused on answering three main questions:

–Does this paper make an important substantive contribution to the  field of assistive technology?

–For research studies, does the methodology (design and execution)  permit one to draw the conclusions the author wishes to make?

–Is the paper well organized and complete in explaining what was done  and why and how it was done?

(APA, Kazdin, 1998)

  • Manuscripts are reviewed by individuals who are in the author’s peer  group


  • Reviewers are invited to review one article a year.

Reviewer Program

Reviewers compensation for their time and expertise:

  • Three complimentary online courses (inclusive of CEUs) selected from 60+ courses in the ATIA Learning Center.

Questions? Please contact ATOB Editor-in-Chief at:

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