From School to Real Life…the Transition…..Don’t Forget About What worked

Thursday, December 10, 2015 3:30-4:30 PM

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During the school-age years educators and therapists have had many years to determine strategies that work for students with autism and other significant disabilities.  Then these students transition to the real world where most of the supports are no longer there and often the strategies that were shown to work are no longer used. Adult’s are no longer entitled to services even if they are eligible, which is very different then in school age when a student is eligible then they are also entitled.  This session will go over ways to keep the strategies going through transition from school aged to adulthood.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be able to describe a minimum of three ways that adults services differ from educational based services
  2. Participants will be able to describe a minimum of three ways to prepare students and families prior to aging out of school based services
  3. Participants will be able to describe a minimum of three ways to make sure that continued strategies are being implemented once in adult services.


Mo Buti

Private consultant and Director of Program Development
Advocate and Instructional expert for people with Autism: AiepA - owner and Neumann Family Services Director of Program Development
Mo Buti, M.Ed-BD, M.Ed-ADMIN, QDIP, plus 21 additional master credit hours. In field of special education over 25 years, working with children and now adults with severe/profound, moderate, mild and autism disabilities. Director of Special Education degree/certificate from Illinois and type 75 certificate. Was a teacher, Autism consultant and CPS administrator managing the Autism and Low Incidence Department. Was the Coordinator of Autism and Intellectual Disabilities for Chicago Public Schools for over 4 years. Also a Special Education Administrator- reintegration, placement and special projects for children with autism and intellectual disabilities for CPS. Currently the Director of Program Development for Neumann Family Services and a private Autism Educational Specialist/presenter for AiepA (Advocate and Instructional Expert for People with Autism). Known as a dynamic international speaker in field of autism presenting at yearly conferences: Key note speaker Georgia Autism conference 2012 (replacing Temple Grandin), ISAAC , Closing the Gap, ATIA , and many school districts all over the states. Written multiple articles for the Closing The Gap publication. Has a passion for learning, making visual modifications and teaching.
Speaker Financial Relationship Disclosure: No
Speaker Non-Financial Relationship Disclosure: No


Education/Learning - Birth-21 includes Severe Multiple Disabilities

Target Audience

Accessibility Professionals, ADA Administrators, AT Professionals, Educators, PTs, Rehab Engineers, SLPs

Experience Level


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