QIAT for Leadership: Multiple Levels of Leadership to Support Change

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 3:30-5:00 PM

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Effective change in assistive technology (AT) practice relies on several critical factors including leadership to ensure that change in practice is planned for and implemented. Leadership can be found at multiple levels in any agency, including administrative roles, assigned and assumed leadership. Leaders can arise from roles on AT teams, job coaching positions, teacher mentors and simply from being interested in utilizing technology for learning and growth in your own classroom of students. We will discuss being a leader, leadership and leading, and the important components of each of these concepts.  Using the Quality Indicators in Assistive Technology, you can explore these roles with Kelly and Joan to support implementing effective AT practices in your program. The new QIAT book will be available to webinar participants for a special ATIA price.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn about and use the quality indicators to assess administrative support for AT.
  2. Participants will learn about multiple roles of leadership and how they serve as leaders in AT services at their program.
  3. Participants will identify 3 strategies to increase their practice as leaders in assistive technology.


Kathy Lalk

AT Specialist
St. Louis Special School District
Kathy Lalk has a B.S. in Recreation Therapy and an M.S. in Educational Technology. For 20 plus years, she has served as an assistive technology specialist for Special School District in St. Louis County. Her work includes support of students with disabilities, their families and their educational team in the consideration, implementation and evaluation of the use of assistive technology. She is also a Consumer Support Provider for Missouri Assistive Technology. Kathy is a co-author of Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology: A Comprehensive Guide to AT Services.
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Joan Larson

Supervisor for Low Incidence Disabilities and Special Education Workforce,
Minnesota Department of Education
Joan currently is the supervisor for low incidence disabilities and special education workforce at the Minnesota Department of Education and a consultant to other state organizations and schools on systems issues in AT. She has worked in assistive technology for over 25 years as an independent consultant, in school settings and at a state education agency. Joan has family members with disabilities, including a child who had an IEP and others with acquired disabilities.
Speaker Financial Relationship Disclosure: No
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Leadership - including Policy, Implementation, and Professional Development

Target Audience

Educators, Family Members, Individuals with Disabilities, PTs, SLPs, SPED Teachers, Voc Rehab Counselors

Experience Level


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