May the (Google) Forms Be With You

Wednesday, October 5, 2016 3:30 - 4:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

Webinar Type: Archive
Webinar Code: AT16-WEB24-AR
Webinar Fee: $39

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In this webinar, participants will learn when a Google Form may/may not be an appropriate tool to use for data collection.  We will explore the different question types to help participants determine which best match the types of data that they need in order to demonstrate progress on their students’ learning objectives/therapy goals.  We will take a tour of the Google Forms interface and the basics of creating and sending a Google Form. Finally, we will use the Summary Of Performance feature to analyze the data that has been collected.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify situations when a Google Form would be appropriate for data collection.
  2. Determine a corresponding question type in order to collect appropriate data on learning objectives/therapy goals.
  3. Know how to use the Summary of Performance feature of Google Forms to analyze data collected and inform instruction.


Lynda Hartman

Educator/Consultant on the Integrated Technology Support Team
Northern Suburban Special Education District
Lynda has an M.A. Special Education (Learning Disabilities) and an M.L.S. in Assistive Technology (AT). She is an Educator/Consultant on the Integrated Technology Support Team with the Northern Suburban Special Education District in Highland Park, Illinois. Lynda is a special educator by background who has worked across the continuum of environments and age levels. She designed/taught an undergraduate AT class and presents/facilitates workshops on various topics across Illinois and at state/national conferences.
Speaker Financial Relationship Disclosure: Yes
Speaker Non-Financial Relationship Disclosure: Yes


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AT Professionals, Educators, OTs, PTs

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