Application Aptitude: Apps for Healthier Living – Apps to Assist with Memory Tasks

Thursday, October 27, 2016 3:30 - 4:30 PM Eastern Time Zone

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During this session, participants will learn to use and customize apps to enhance and assist with memory tasks. App features to consider will be addressed and participants will be given practical situations where each app would be suitable. Apps that include text, audio, pictures and video will be explored and apps that provide a visual schedule will be examined as a memory enhancer. Participants will be able to utilize these apps immediately in their work.

Learning Objectives

  1. 1. Participants will explore a minimum of eight apps to assist individuals to remember tasks and subtasks.
  2. 2. Participants will identify the features to consider when helping clients choose apps for memory.
  3. 3. Participants will create a reminder in one of the eight apps explored.


Stacy Driscoll

Assistive Technology Professional
LifeLong Assistive Technology
Stacy Driscoll, M.Ed, ATP is a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional and the founder of LifeLong Assistive Technology where she consults with teams to deliver comprehensive assistive technology assessments, solutions to maximize functioning, and training to optimize skills. She earned her graduate certificate in Assistive Technology from the University of New Hampshire and is currently the program coordinator for the New Hampshire state assistive technology program, ATinNH. Among her responsibilities, she coordinates demonstrations and provides loans of assistive technology devices. For over 25 years, Stacy has taught in many different capacities with a variety of students and abilities. She travels locally and nationally to provide a variety of assistive technology workshops.
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Assistive Technology Through Improving Function

Target Audience

AT Professionals, Educators, Family Members, Higher Ed Personnel, Individuals with Disabilities, OTs

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