Upcoming ATOB Call for Manuscripts

Volume 18 Theme: Looking Back and Moving Forward: 20 Years of Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits

Call for Manuscripts: March 1, 2023 – August 15, 2023

Projected Publication Date: March 2024

Assistive Technology Outcomes & Benefits journal was launched by the Assistive Technology Industry Association in 2004 in effort to advance the AT field and highlight new information on the outcomes and benefits of assistive technology for persons with disabilities. ATOB is a leading, open access, peer-reviewed journal in the field of AT. The journal’s purpose is to (a) foster communication among stakeholders interested in the field of AT, including manufacturers, vendors, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, individuals with disabilities, and family members; (b) facilitate evidence-based demonstrations and case-based dialogue regarding effective AT devices and services; and (c) help stakeholders advocate for effective AT devices and services. The unique feature of ATOB is providing a dissemination platform to different AT stakeholders. In addition to traditional scholarly contributions, ATOB publishes the experiences of AT practitioners and AT users. Thus, manuscripts may be submitted under three categories: Voices from the Field, Voices from the Industry, and Voices from Academia.

In almost 20 years since its inception, ATOB has published voices from the field, industry, and academia across many different topics. Articles focused on specific types of AT (e.g., for Autism Spectrum Disorders, for literacy, for communication) as well as on overarching processes (e.g., technology transfer, research and development, personnel preparation; see ATOB Journal Archives). Two issues were published in 2021 that focused on providing AT services during the pandemic (see ATOB Journal Volume 16, Issue 1) and creating accessible public health materials during a pandemic (see ATOB Journal Volume 16, Special Issue 2).

To celebrate and commemorate ATOB’s 20th anniversary, Volume 18 invites authors to submit manuscripts that describe broad assistive technology outcomes and benefits across all forms of assistive technology for any age group. Manuscripts may focus on original research focused on the impact of specific AT devices as well as focus on overall importance of providing high-quality AT services. Families and AT users as well as other stakeholders are encouraged to share how AT has impacted their lives. International manuscripts are encouraged. New and returning authors are invited to submit original manuscripts as well as updates to published ATOB articles. Articles for Volume 18 should include a robust and detailed section titled Outcomes and Benefits containing a discussion related to the impact of the AT devices/services. How our experiences in the last 20 years might have shaped the design of the AT devices and the decisions around AT services moving forward? What might the future of the AT field for us in the next 20 years?

Manuscripts should be up to 25 pages (double spaced) including title page, abstract, references, but excluding tables/figures, and prepared in accordance with the ATOB Manuscript Guidelines.

Interested authors are encouraged to contact ATOB Editor at: atobeditor@atia.org with any questions.