Recipients of the Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture

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The Edwin and Esther Prentke Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Distinguished Lecture was initiated in 1997 to honor the life and work of the late Edwin and Esther Prentke. The Prentkes dedicated their lives to developing technologies that liberate the lives of people with disabilities. The lecture is delivered by a person who uses augmentative and alternative communication (PWUAAC) to communicate.

The Prentke Lecture was co-sponsored by PRC-Saltillo and Semantic Compaction Systems from 1997-2019 and was presented at the ASHA Annual Conference.  PRC-Saltillo continued its generous sponsorship of Prentke Lecture and began a partnership with ATIA to host the lecture at its annual conference. In 2021, during the global pandemic, the Prentke Lecture was presented as part of the ATIA 2021 Virtual Event – the first online presentation of the lecture. In 2022, the Prentke Lecture was presented as part of the ATIA 2022 Orlando +Virtual Conference for in-person and virtual attendees.


Past Recipients

# Year ASHA Conference Site Lecture by
1st 1997 Boston, MA Gus Estrella
2nd 1998 San Antonio, TX Ronnie Meeker
3rd 1999 San Francisco, CA Faye Warren
4th 2000 Washington, DC Bob Williams
5th 2001 New Orleans, LA Paul Pecunas
6th 2002 Atlanta, GA Solomon Rakhman
7th 2003 Chicago, IL Jon Feucht
8th 2004 Philadelphia, PA Rick Creech
9th 2005 San Diego, CA Michael Williams
10th 2006 Miami, FL Tracy Rackensperger
11th 2007 Boston, MA Robert O’Gurek
12th 2008 Chicago, IL Rick Keeton
13th 2009 New Orleans, LA Bac Shelton
14th 2010 Philadelphia, PA India Ochs
15th 2011 San Diego, CA Robert Segalman
16th 2012 Atlanta, GA Jennifer Lowe
17th 2013 Chicago, IL Christopher Klein
18th 2014 Orlando, FL Noah Trembly
19th 2015 Denver, CO Kristin Rytter, Ph.D.
20th 2016 Philadelphia, PA Martin Pistorius
21st 2017 Los Angeles, CA Yoosun Chung
22nd 2018 Boston, MA Todd Hutchinson
23rd 2019 Orlando, FL Stephanie Faso
# Year ATIA Conference Lecture by
24th 2021 ATIA 2021 Virtual Event Kevin Williams
25th 2022 ATIA 2022 Orlando + Virtual Lance McLemore

ATIA YouTube Channel:  View recordings of the 2021 Prentke Lecture with Kevin Williams and the 2022 Prentke Lecture with Lance McLemore.