How the Pre-conference Seminar “The Changing Role of AT Teams” Will Help Others Make an Impact

By Gayl Bowser and Denise DeCoste

Teamwork is powerful.  Whether it’s sports, building a house or developing an Individual Educational Program for a student with a disability, teamwork improves the outcomes.  That’s because it’s almost always true that no one individual has all the information that will be needed to make a decision.  Research tells us:

  • Teams can develop and deliver services more efficiently
  • Teams can manage AT recommendations and activities effectively
  • Teams promote change and can undertake system-wide change

Together, we have worked with many kinds of AT Teams.  Individually we have had opportunities to see AT in action all over the United States and even from the perspective of other cultures and countries.  Over time, as the technology has changed, we have seen a need to redesign AT solutions.  As educational frameworks have shifted, we have seen a need to adjust our AT integration strategies.  Additionally as school environments have changed, we have seen a need have more flexible AT service models that serve a broader array of learners.  Change is a given and AT service providers need to stay ahead of the curve.

AT teams, in general, have always been generous. They have consistently shared their ideas, resources and strategies to advance AT services. In that spirit, we want to share what we’ve learned with you. Whether you are looking for a big change in how your AT team operates or a bunch or good ideas that you might be able to use in your AT program, we believe that the Changing Role of AT Teams has lots to offer.

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