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ATIA Exhibitors and Members can now fully participate in our Maker Day Activities.  The ATIA Maker Day event in 2018 was a huge success on many levels.  This year we will make it (no pun) bigger and better with your help.


  • We have more high school robotics/STEM teams coming to the event.
  • More give away items for attendees (especially for children with disabilities)
  • More professionals getting involved to share AT Maker activities
  • ATIA Exhibitors sharing their engineering and maker ingenuity with everyone at ATIA 2019

Exhibitors are Invited

Exhibitors are invited to share a Maker Experience in their booths this year.  Based on feedback from last year’s event, these experiences are being added to:

  • Expand the Maker Day experience beyond the physical space dedicated to the day, specifically to other parts of the Exhibit Hall
  • Include Maker activities on the earlier days of the conference, both to include attendees who cannot attend on Saturday and to promote the event
  • Provide an opportunity for exhibitors to share how their products and services are being used by Makers in the AT community

ATIA and the volunteers working on the ATIA Maker Day 2.0 (Facebook group for ATIA Maker Day 2.0 Planning Committee) will share and promote Maker activities in the exhibit hall that meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide one of four general types of Maker experiences
    1. Hands-on Activities that allow attendees to create and customize AT solutions
    2. Demonstrations of AT solutions that include Maker technologies/strategies
    3. Activities that promote the inclusion of STEM students and Maker Organizations in the AT community
    4. Stand alone maker activities around disabilities regardless of integration of your own technology
  2. Maker activities are all about things that are made.  While it can be incorporated into existing AT or add onto AT it should not be simply a bought solution but an enhancement or extension of an existing product.
  3.  Maker Experiences must be available during hours of the ATIA Maker Day 2.0 (Saturday 8-12)
    1.   In supporting the goal of promoting the ATIA Maker Day 2.0, we ask each exhibitor participating in the ATIA Maker Day 2.0 to consider sharing their maker activities during the full conference with a focus on Saturday.

Exhibitors who wish to participate should register should complete the form below.

There is no charge to participate in this activity.

The registration is a brief form to let us know what you will be doing and for us to easily promote everyone who is participating.

At the end of the day we will have a lunch with all the student volunteers.  We will encourage our participating exhibitors to join us as these young up and coming engineers enjoy learning more about your work.

Marketing Activities Pre and Post ATIA 2019:

ATIA Maker Day 2.0 will be promoted on social media by ATIA and our partners, as well as many others.  Participating exhibitors are invited to work with our marketing team to develop a 3-minute video about their experience that will be shared prior to and during the conference.  All participants will be listed and linked to any pages you post related to the Maker project you do.

Why is this important for ATIA and our Members?

ATIA’s goals around AT Awareness could not be better served than enlightening young minds with possibilities for persons with disabilities. ATIA Maker Day does exactly that.

Our collective experience hosting this new and exciting event has led to new partnerships and some exciting developments with young students getting engaged with AT and the local disability community.  If these Robotics teams do one extra community service project for a single individual with a disability we are accomplishing part of the ATIA Mission. We hope you all will support this. Most of our AT came out of someone “Making a solution”.


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