Research Committee

Working Toward the Future

The ATIA Research Committee of leading investigators from universities and manufacturers works to advance assistive technology (AT) at the consumer, industry, and policy levels by conducting and communicating about evidence-based research.


  • Support the credibility of manufacturers with potential funding organizations and customers by demonstrating effective research outcomes
  • Increase the effectiveness of products and services by promoting the use of scientifically based evidence in the development and delivery of assistive technology solutions
  • Boost the credibility of the industry by building the collective knowledge of company leaders with assistive technology stakeholders
  • Influence policy in areas related to research (SBIR and other research grant opportunities, Medicare and related funding sources)

2012–16 Highlights

  • Supported ATIA Conference as Strand Advisors for Research Strand presentations
  • Hosted Industry & Researchers panel sessions at ATIA 2016
  • Provided guidance and advice for Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits (ATOB), the ATIA’s peer-reviewed journal, with several committee members serving on the ATOB Editorial Board
  • Hosted AT Outcomes Day sessions at ATIA 2015, in partnership with RESNA
  • Hosted an Assistive Technology Research Town Hall at ATIA 2014 to provide networking opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and developers
  • Planned, coordinated, and jointly hosted with RESNA a one-day AT Research Symposium at the ATIA 2012 and ATIA 2013 Conferences

2009–2011 Highlights

  • Created a Research Matters Primer, developed in conjunction with the National Center for Technology Innovation
  • Produced and delivered a series of Research Matters webinars on research methodologies
  • Compiled a list of Research Tools
  • Developed and produced two other webinars:
    Designing Effective AAC Technologies for Beginning Communicators, Janice Light
    The Use of Personas in AAC Research, Jeff Higginbotham & Annuska Perkins

ATIA Research Committee Members

Research Committee Co-chairs


Headshot of Lori GeistLori Geist

Research Associate Project Director
Center for Literacy & Disability Studies
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

ATOB Editorial Board Member

Photo of Ben SatterfieldBen Satterfield

Research Consultant Center for AT Excellence
GA Tools for Life at Georgia Institute of Technology

ATOB Editorial Board Member

Research Committee Members


Cathy Bodine headshot Cathy Bodine, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering,
Deparment of Pediatrics
University of Colorado–Denver
Executive Director
Assistive Technology Partners
Photo of Jason CarrollJason Carroll
Global Product Manager
Texthelp Ltd.
Photo of Russell CrossRussell T. Cross
Director of Clinical Operations
Prentke Romich Company
Photo of Anya EvmenovaAnya Evmenova
Assistant Professor in the College of
Education and Human Development
George Mason University
ATOB Editorial Board Member
Photo of Jennifer FlaggJennifer Flagg
Co-Principal Investigator
University at Buffalo
Center on Knowledge Translation for
Technology Transfer
ATOB Editor in Chief
Photo of Andrew GomoryAndrew Gomory
Chief Executive Officer
Lingraphica Corp.
Photo of Kate HerndonKate Herndon
Director of Educational Research
American Printing House for the Blind
Photo of Joseph LaneJoseph P. Lane
Director, Center for Assistive Technology and RERC on Technical Transfer
University at Buffalo (SUNY)
ATOB Editorial Board Member
Photo of Carolyn PhillipsCarolyn P. Phillips
Principal Investigator and Director
Tools for Life
AMAC Accessibility Solutions and Research Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
ATOB Editorial Board Member
Photo of Carol StangerCarol Stanger
Director of Research
Attainment Company Inc.
Jennifer ThalhuberJennifer Thalhuber
Ablenet Inc.
Photo of Lisa WadorsLisa Wadors Verne
Program Manager: Education,
Research & Partnerships


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