CODE for Accessibility Task Force & Case Studies


Research Effort via the CODE for Accessibility Task Force
“CODE” stands for the “Center of Development Expertise” for Accessibility. Initiated by the Assistive Technology Industry Association’s Accessibility Interoperability Alliance (ATIA/AIA), the CODE Task Force was comprised of IT developers and executives from our nation’s leading technology companies. The Task Force was driven by the private sector and focused on the accessibility-related needs of the developer community – from technical expertise and knowledge sharing to improved accessibility education. Efforts of the Task Force will advance the creation of emerging workplace-related products and applications that are accessible, interoperable and usable for people with disabilities.

For more information on the Task Force:

For additional information about the CODE for Accessibility Task Force including its goals and Sub-Committees, you can download the full Task Force report.

For the case study analysis:

For the report studying similar recommendations as implemented by another industry, download the case study analysis.
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