ATOB Volume 2, Number 1 (Fall 2005)

Assistive Technology Outcomes and Benefits

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Table of Contents

Outcomes and Benefits in Assistive Technology Service Delivery
Phil Parette, David Dikter

The State of Assistive Technology Services Nationally and Implications for Future Development
Phil Parette, George R. Peterson-Karlan, Brian W. Wojcik
Assistive Technology Outcomes:  Implementation Strategies for Collecting Data in the Schools
Dave Edyburn, Sally Fennema-Jansen, Prabha Hariharan, Roger Smith
The Central Role of Expectations in Communication and Literacy Success:  A Parent Perspective
Bonnie Mintun
Toward Positive Literacy Outcomes for Students with Significant Developmental Disabilities
Karen A. Erickson, Sally Clendon, Linzy Abraham, Vicky Roy, Hillary Van De Carr
Assisitve Technology as an Evolving Resource for a Successful Employment Experience
Particia M. Murphy
Outcomes of Preservice Teacher’s Technology Use
William F. Morrison, Tara L. Jeffs
Call for Papers and Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

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